Saturday, April 08, 2006

about 4:30am
I woke to this nagging stomach cramp. I couldn’t sleep so I got up and went to the couch and turned on the weather channel. I think I slept 40 min with my feet up and then I turned off the tv slept until about 6am and went back to bed feeling better. I rested and dozed off for awhile after that and my 7am watch rang and it was tough to fall back to sleep after that. Otherwise I’d still be sleeping and Anne wants me to get her up just before I leave out the door. Belay that order. She came in just now and reset that alarm.

That’s my goal today. I’m going to bring my camera into Future Shop and buy some batteries then home and back to bed, maybe I can snag a couple of hours of refreshing sleep. Then get to Et and work hard on that, then supper break and work out the rest of the night. My goal today is 5000 words. Maybe even 5000 more for Sunday.

just had a shower and half dressed and ready to get out by 8:50am. Stomach is a little unsettling still this morning and I did the cbi thing already. I like where I’m going with Et and I’m glad I took out those silly castle scenes. The story is still far fetched but it is speculative science fiction.
So, after I leave when I’m downtown I’ll buy a coffee at Tims and take that into work and I printed some stuff off for readying in case JT doesn’t show up with a paper.

More later


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