Sunday, March 12, 2006

wow! You don’t
want to depend on them but about half way through Knight Rider I took a gravel and then we did a brief back rub listening to Coast. Great show last night on the Phoenix Lights case 1997 coming up close to 10 years now. March 13th. Anyway the gravel allowed me to pass out and I was asleep by 3am. I could have gone on to listen to Art’s guest all night: Peter Davenport. I like listening to this guy same with Dr. Michio Kaku. I even like listening to Hoagland. Coast has a lot of good shows on but tonight their scraping the bottom of the barrel with Evelyn Paglini, sorry Evelyn. And Sunday they have another downer show, on Angelic visitations. Please.

Getting back to the gravel pill, after Coast I passed out and woke up at 6am. I did the cbi thing and went right back to bed. I was that tired. I slept up until 12:20pm and laid in bed dozing in and out of sleep for a bit and laid there stroking the cats and Anne woke up. I’d say I got a full 8 hrs and a bit. I feel pretty good right now and I have my first coffee in my fav Tim Horton’s cup and ready to complete Chapter 12 of the initial rewrite.

Also, I’m going to re write Lb when I’m done with Et, and do lb in the 3 act play format. After Chapter 12 this afternoon at 5pm I’ve got an Oiler game to watch. They are playing I believe in Minniapolis. I’ll probably just be starting supper when the game is over. Other then that lets see what I can do to tackle the last 6 pages of Chapter 12. Onward.


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