Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Well, lets see now:
I ended up in bed by 1am and listened to a bit of Coast. A good show this time. I passed out around 2am and woken up by Anne when she came in around 3 am but getting back to sleep after that was hard. I think I rested from 3-5 when the cats woke me up. I could sleep so I worked a bit more on Et and realized I missed some basic mechanics to the story. Mostly based on geography and distance. I think I came into bed about 7am but I couldn't sleep. The cats were in and off the bed add getting up to pee and Sparky and Silky both up on the dresser jumping down beside my head. That was enough. I got some rest but when it was 8am I decided to watch a bit of Lonestar and came in about 9am. I think I slept from maybe 10-just before noon. I wanted to get up to watch the news and put my feet up on the table but I slept right through it. I feel okay now though.

I can see where Chapter 15 is going to need a major rewrite. It's the last chapter in the book and ties up most of the lose ends.

Anyway, I want to spell check this and post it and check on my Blog haunts get ready sss and off to work. Well it's Wednesday. The worst day of the week for me is Wednesday.

Just a quick edit here. Spring is 5 days away, but you wouldn't know it by looking outside here. I think after work on Sat I'm going over to Future Shop where I bought the camera and see what's wrong with it. I find it difficult to believe that I can get only 8 photos from two double AA batteries. I've got the Canon Power shot A520 4.0 mp. There are some good shots outside here worthy to place on this blog. Does anyone know anything about this camera? I place two AA generic batteries in and it still reads need batteries in the back view screen. I'd appreciate any comments about this. Thanks.

I've been checking the stats lately and I'm getting an average of 2-3 of you reading this. Just want to say thanks. Except for this entry most of what goes on here takes place first in my daily journal. I've kept that up since May 12th 1980. So it's no big deal to transfer that to here anyway.


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