Saturday, March 18, 2006

well the first day
of Spring is March 20th. That’s just before noon actually. However we’re supposed to get a huge dump of snow on the city overnight. High winds etc. This morning isn’t looking very good when I go into work. But it’ll be easy. I’ll be out there about 8:50am to catch that 9am bus and then once I’m on the bus and on the train, the train only takes 10 min to get downtown. There will be free coffee and a donut waiting for me and I’ll have a few minutes to listen to my tunes and wake up a bit. Hopefully the shift will be over before I know it. I’ve already got Mon booked off as I’m going to down to Canada pl to get my taxes done. Or at least get my T4’s.

Tues I want to work 1-9, Wed 1-9, Thur 1-9, Fri 1-8:30, Sat 10-2pm. This way, I’ll have 31.5hrs. I should have $100 and if there’s any bank bonus money, then great.

I was able to hook up with Debbie the office girl about my T4’s and sure enough head office (Calgary) Still sent them to my old address. Now they have to wait 3 weeks before they can issue me out another one. If they can get the address right. It’s on my paycheque sure enough.

Anyhow, I can’t sleep. I was listening to Coast there for a bit and past out and I had a power snooze there. I’m up for an hour and I hope I can sleep without the cats bothering me until 8am.
This weekend is going to be busy for me. Later this morning of course I’ll have my job thing to do for 4hrs, then home to have a bit of a nap, if I can. Then tonight, I found Sat night main event wrestling on A channel (City tv) and that’s on at 9pm. Then Simon & Simon and Knight Rider (unless their repeats.) I also, want to find time to watch the news and ther’s an Oiler hockey game on tonight as well. Also, I want to spend some time doing my writing. Sunday, is Annes birthday dinner and we’ll be traveling to the Saw Mill resturaunt from 3-7 by the time were all done going there eating and coming back. If I’m lucky, I’ll have Sun night to do some more writing. Hopefully I can do Chapter 15. I want to write the original Chapter 15 again. I’m taking Monday off and Anne and I are going down to Canada Place and I’m going to try and get my taxes done. I hope. Then she’s getting us Pizza Hut (mmm) for Raw and hopefully I can get some more work on Et. But that’s all for now.


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