Friday, March 03, 2006

uggh. That should
be reading last sentence above "Friday aftrenoon shift." Anyway, it’s -12 out there but with the windchill it’s really -20. Seems March is coming in like a lion.

Coast wasn’t bad last night for the first part up until 2am and then George got into open lines “Your scariest moment.” So much for that. I shut it off. I tried getting some sleep in bed but the cats kept jumping on my feet. After 3-4 times of this I couldn’t sleep. I watched tv and went on the computer. I got in at 5am but again the cats were climbing in bed. That stopped an hour later at about 6am so, I’m lucky if I got maybe 5hrs of sleep today. In a few menutes I’m going to head back to Underworld. Or Earth Tones as I call it now. Or ET.

Anyway, it’s bus pass and insulin buying time part of the month. Anne had just mentioned that she’s going to go on her own Monday to the free income tax place they have set up for low income when they open Monday March 6th. The thing is my place of employment hasn’t even sent the T4’s out yet and Revenue Canada has no way of knowing until the Company files and that could be anytime in March. Now because Anne and I require Alberta Health Care or (AHC) subsidy in order to get HC subsidy I’ve got to receive a Letter of Assessment from Revenu Canada that I submit to AHC but they need me to file my income for Revenu Canada. So what’s the big deal? Firstly the subsidy deadline is March 31st. After that my company deducts $44 bucks a month off my pay cheque. With the hours I keep (and I'm not realy complaining much) Health Care in Canada is not free and subsidy or not AHC doesn't cover everything but it's better then nothing yet $44 off one of my weekly paychecks is a signifacant ammount and a real shock to the system especially when they deduct it durring rent time. If it wasn't for AHC though I'd have to pay out of pocket $40 bucks/month for insulin. Since I'm subsidized by AHC the insulin only costs me $2 month. Tests strips are covered by Alberta Monitoring only for the first $550. My Doctor wants me to test 4 times everyday. I've been getting by with at least once or twice even. Unless your on Welfare of course HC in Canada is free. But it still takes up to 8 weeks to get an MRI and even longer fot other specialists. HC is a mess and thanks to "Socialized medicare"waiting times are crazy. I file with my wife every year so I cover her HC subsidy off of my pay cheaque. The min is I think $15k/year. If you make over $15k then you don’t qualify for subsidy and AHC is $38 month for single and $44 for family. Over the last couple of years since I became diabetic I’ve been enjoying working part time hours. Lately not even that. And since that time, I’ve got a new computer (even though its as slow as hell), an Mp3 player, a 512mb media card, a new digital camera and most importantly the time to write.

Since that time I’ve been able to not only go to my lodge once a month, but also I wrote the rough draft of 4 novels and a couple of short stories and I’m onto my 5th novel with Lb. I could not do any of that if I wasn’t married and working full time. A lot of people at work are jealouse of my lifestyle. I owe Anne a lot. But because of me she’s also able to have an easier lifestyle. Sure I don’t bring home a lot every Firday night and there’s nothing preventing me from working more hours if I want but being diabetc and having scoliosis with 2 metal rods in my spine makes it difficult to put more time then the hours I do. If any of you that have been reading this blog for any length of time you already know my sleep troubles and the problems I’ve been having. I’m lucky if I get 5 hrs a day. Sometimes I’m lucky if I get 3hrs. Now, I’m not blaming anyone. My health problems are my own fault and I can live with them.

Anyway, I could go on and on here but this could turn into a rant and I have a rants and whines Topic on my website but nothing is there just yet.

Right now, I mentioned I want to go back and work on Chapter9 of ET. ET is facing some major rewrite changes and I have about an hour left here and I want to get into it as much as I can before work. More later.


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