Tuesday, March 28, 2006

that’s why my
bsl readings have been so high lately, because I’ve been taking my insulin around 7:30am as of late. So I passed outon the couch and got up to do the cbi (feed cats breakfast, insulin) and I’ll head back to bed. I got in at 1:30am and couldn’t sleep so I watched a bit of Seinfeld and then past out. I slept from 2am until 3 when anne came in and activated the tocuh lamp she passes by on her way into bed and that woke me up. The Sparky has to take over the bed so I went to the couch and watchd the weather channel and past out for an hour.

I’ve gone as far as I could go on the love making scene and I’m just writing the ending for this now before I go into the next. Scene. I’ll probably get into that one today later on, we'll see.


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