Thursday, March 09, 2006

that was a pretty
good session of rewriting. I cleared up some plot mechanics and some other things that made me go huh?So, I'm relatively pleased with all of this and I'll do more tonight. Not sure if I want to watch wrestling but we'll see how it goes.

Chapter 11 btw is almost done. I should have it completed by tomorrow or even this evening if things go well. Then, I bring out Chapter 12 and that will be my project for the weekend.

Sleep wise, I went to bed last night after Adam-12 and I got woken up by Anne poking at me to see if I got enough blanket and that was at 4:45am so I got up anyway to do the old cbi thing. I went back to bed just after 5am and slept until the frigging cell phone went off just before 11am. Other then to get up and pee, I figure I had 5.45hrs and 1.5 hrs before that. So just a little over 7 hrs but not all at once. That's the problem with beidiabetictic.

Anywatonightiht I pick up my pay check.

Anne and I talked bout doing our taxes on Monday because if I had to wait for my place of employment to send out my T4's they won't get here until Spring. So, I'm going to let the boss know Saturday afternoon that I won't be in Mon because of business. And I can while were waiting for our number I can run down to Pizza and apply.

That's all for now.


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