Saturday, March 11, 2006

If all goes well
I should have Chapter 12 done by tomorrow before brunch. I've got some great things in this story and some twists and surprises. I'll have these first rewrite done before or on next Saturday.

Then I do the type ins and I figure that should be done by Easter weekend. Then I go onto round two and do the 2nd rewrite. During this time, I want to get all these scenes done in story board format. I'll use index cards to mark the key points such as pov and tense and subplots and all the other great mechanics the story will need. I figure the type-ins 3rd rewrite. Should be in May. If all goes well. Finale edit and polish should be in June. I think I should have test readers in July and August. Once the esult are in and anything corrected I figure if all goes well, The book should be ready to be sent out November first including story synopsis, cover letter and the first 3 Chapters.

e. Jim

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