Sunday, March 19, 2006

I took a bsl
reading just before 1pm and I’m currently at 7.9. That’s not bad. I went to bed at about 3:30am and passed out. Other then the times to get up to the bathroom, I had a great sleep. I woke up about 11:am and slept until 12:30pm with a bit of a headache.
I’m going to begin the type-ins after brunch and that’s going to be nmy big project over the next couple of months.

Spring arrives here officialy at about 11:40am tomorrow. If things work out okay, tomorrow I’ll be off but I’ll be at Canada Place seeing if I can get a copy of my T4 and do my taxes before head office scoops out more funding for AHC.

Debbies argument for me having problems with my T4’s is that so is Loney a fellow diabetic that Used to work with us a year os so ago. Thing is I’m currently employed there. I’m still getting pay cheque. My current mailing address is even on my pay cheque. Yet in the “Company’s wisdom” they felt compelled to still mail my T4’s to my old address. Why are they doing this? The only reason I can fathom out of all of this is I’m probability the only one under Albert Health Care subsidy.

Robs been trying to get me to work more hours for years. The moore people he has the more he can play the heavy and control people. That’s why I only work evenings. Less Rob. So he probably feels that if AHC can take more money out of me I’ll have to work the difference in order to recover this. AHC after March 31st will be deducting $44 bucks off my cheque, every month. Now I don’t make much money there during a week and if I had a choice (which I do) I’d rather work somewhere else.

So guess what I’m doing tomorrow after Canada Place? I’m going to run down to Pizza and fill out the application. Sure I get bonus money here but I’ll get bonus money and plus have my weekends and evenings off for the playoffs. Not only this but Pizza is an in-bound call canter, and maybe what they will do is have my T4’s done right for next year. Also, by working at pizza it’s a fresh start. The only reason why new people work at my call
center is because of the weekly pay cheque.

With Pizza, I can work my own hours. I like the idea of working from 11am-5pm. I’d take Sat-Sun off and work the full week. 6hrs X 5= 30 and if the medical plan qualifications are like where I work now, then I’d work the xtra hours. Maybe one day a week over, say work until 7pm get home at 9pm. They might even start me off at $9 bucks/hr. I could be getting $510/2 weeks after taxes. I’d get $250/2weeks to fool around with. That’s not to shabby.

Anyhow, after brunch, I’m going to begine work on Et. That’s all for now. Probably more for this afternoon.


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