Monday, March 13, 2006

I might have had
5hrs sleep and after supper about 8:30pm I had a power snooze so I think that might have had an affect on my sleeping habits.

I’m currently right into Earth tones and like I said above after this it’s Dark Intruder. I’m hoping the 2nd rewrite of Et will be a lot better then the first one. Now I see the value in planning for an outline and with DI I’m going to outline, scene by scene and establish a time line. DI takes place over a weekend and distance isn’t really a factor. I also have a 10k outline that I developed into a short story. Anyway, back to the rewrites of Et. Oh, I also need to work the phrase “Earth tones” into the overall story as well.

wow, I ended up completing Chapter 14 and all that’s left is Chapter 15 and that’s minor. I’ll be done by March 15th. I started Jan 23rd also, there was some down time where I had a few weeks off not doing anything. So if I just buckled down the rewrite could have taken a month to do. I could have completed it in January. The next book will be a lot better because mainly I will have a plan.


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