Friday, March 24, 2006

I had a slow
start tonight on BBB but then Will threw in St. Michales for us and I got a bit better turn-around pulling in $555 for a 3hr shift. Not great but like I said it was slow. We had most of the night just 4 of us and wanted to leave right after the break but we got out a bit early as well. Lowest turnout I’ve ever seen. Also the bank report was out and I got a bonus again. $22 bucks. That was good. I went and walked across the parking lot behind First Edmonton Place after work and as an after thought I decided to go into Tim’s for a Boston cream and a med decaffe. I ate my donut there and unraveled my headphones and listened to some music on the way home drinking my coffee on the train.

When I got off onto the platform outside taking that ramp down it began to rain. Very nice outside. When I got home, I rolled up the rim on the coffee and I won a free coffee. Excellent.
I’m about ready to resume the last bit there of the scene I did earlier and get ready to put that to bed.

e. Jim

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