Thursday, March 09, 2006

I had one of those
Wednesdays. We ended up doing Comedy Fest. I ended up doing $100 bucks and I don't care. It sucks and really brings my line hr down. It's boiler room telemarketing. I ended up with $365 today and that young Mike was taking totals from recaps and missed me. I didn't have time to piss around so I handed my recap on the clipboard he was carrying and walked out. Also, a lot of us tap shooters were doing Crime Watch, which was a tap campaign and and they made a big deal doing $1000 but I wasn't asked to do it. Which pissed me off. Today wasn't very good on me but a fellow at work, Richard whom has the same Rush Mp3 player as I do went and sold me his headphones, which were fresh out of the box. He paid $3 bucks for them at Wallmart, so I asked if I could buy them from him. They sounded great. Anyhow I was glad to get out of there.

Okay, for rewriting, I'm going to do 10 pages/day. For type-ins, 10 pages/day. I don't know what my next rewrite will be, because the type-ins are not done yet. But I figure I should have the first round done by April 16th. I figure the 2nd round including type ins should be done by the end of May. If all goes well. I forgot to do a scene/pov breakdown and that will take June. Then place everything into the 2 act play format: should take July. Grammar: should be done in August. Finale edit and cover letter: September. Now if all goes well, then I should have the book done by the end of Sept. I hope. Then I'm going to do a finale reading so I think I should have test readers by the end of Oct. If all goes well, then I hope to have the book go out to agents byt Jan 2007.

Of course, I'll have "Lodge brothers" done up and also "Dark Intruder" by then as well.I should have Lb at the end of the first rewrite, DI by the first draft by this time next year. but that's all for now. Pardon the typos.


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