Friday, March 17, 2006

I got woken
up by Anne leaving out the door about 9:20am as she went out to do her thing. I figured I’ll sleep until noon but then after I was just about ready to pass out the stereo from below came on and woke me up. I had enough sleep from 3:30-6:20am, almost 3 hrs. I went back to bed after the cbi thing and I slept from 6:30am until 9:30 when Anne got up. There’s 3 hrs there. I got 6 hrs plus some rest until the stereo came on and that woke me up.

I’m good to go as far as sleep is and Anne won’t be back until noon. So I have a coffee I’m working on and I’m going to work on Sheringtons office scene a bit more. I don’t think I’ll need the iniltration scene. Rick should know about that overhearing the Nazi’s from before.

Anyhow, I’ll post this and get to work on the book.


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