Sunday, March 05, 2006

I ended up
going to bed just before 8am but I couldn’t sleep for an hour. It was around 9am, I couldn’t sleep so I got up watched Rawhide, North West Passage, and Roy Rogers. I read a few of those articles on the heroes journey and Anne got up to make breakfast and I began to do a bit more work on Chapter9 of “Earth tones.” Anne made a great breakfast and I just concluded watching the a rare Sunday afternoon Oiler hockey game and the Oilers hosted Nashville and won in OT 3-4. I like that.

So I just finished making a coffee and tomorrow I’m going to go into work a bit early tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to fill out an application at Pizza and see if I can get some afternoon hours. Say work there from 1pm-4:30pm and this way walk from there into my other job. So I’m going to do that and leave out of here about 12:30pm head down to Pizza and get there for 1pm and see if I can work there for the above shift, say 4 days/week. And if Rob wants to know why, “Just something to fall back on. It’s also something different. It’s an inbound call center etc.”

Okay. I’m just going to blog this and get back to work on Et and Chapter9. I’ve been struggling with this for quite sometime now so I hope to complete Chapter9 at least today. So far I’m having a pretty good weekend despite having to work Sat morning at the job.


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