Friday, March 17, 2006

I decided to do
the infiltation scene anyway and after I wrote it, I agreed it was a necessary fit because it helped to tie in some lose ends. I’ve got a bit more to do on it. So this means I’ll probably have Chapter 8 and 9 a bit longer to make room for these two senes.

Anne says it’s pretty chilly out there what with the windchill and all. Even though it reads about -7 when you factor the wind it feels more like -18* and this has been going on for a few days now. Welcome to St, Patricks day. But March always goes out like a lion. Anyway, it’s off to do the job thing. I got my $80 bucks but I don’t think I’ll be buying anything with it. I want to maybe save that or most of it for my lodge dues, in case I don’t get the $100 pension money. But I want to work some extra hours next week anyway.


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