Saturday, March 25, 2006

going into work
was mild and the air was crisp. I took a look at my lodge callender and not only am I going to be at Aprils regular lodge meeting but also at the emergent meeting we have in place for Sat the 29th. Good stuff. This will make our 4th emergent meeting this year. So I mentioned to will that to Woll, as it’s far enough in advance and I confirmed it just now for the 29th of April. Good stuff.

Anyway, I had fun at work even sales on CHF came in slow. I ended up with $100 sale a $50 and some straglers but for an hour I got nothing. Mostly a lot of not homes. I ended up with I think $730, in that area. I came home and almost pat out on the train. My Northgate bus was there and that spead on out of the terminal fast and I was home about 2:30pm. I locked up and took everything off and went to bed. Could I sleep? No way. For about 40 min I tried. Sigh, the life of a working SF writer.

I figured, well, maybe I ought to just ly on the couch kick my feet up and see if sleep would come. I put that Electronic Playground on and past out for almost an hour. Almost as on cue, Anne comes in and that sort of put me off. Not her but she usually comes in about 7pm when she’s working on a Sat.

More later.


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