Friday, March 10, 2006

the evening had
been up and down. Okay as far as Anne and I into work, ok. At work I tried to get my cheque but Dale was under the impression I wasn't working Sat but Mike went and got it for me later in the shift. I was a bit po'd because Will never thought enough about me to put me on taps instead I got to do Comedy Fest again. However the good news was I ended up getting a $30 bonus on my next cheque if I work all my shifts. That means no Super SaturdUnfortunatelytely. But if all works out okay and I get my bonus next week, then I'll be looking at a net @ of $210. So, If anything over $130 is mine, I should have close to $80 bucks. Also, Anne is going to give me $100 out of that pension money when that comes in.

On my cheque this time I got $168 and Rob put the $12 bonus, which is okay. Anne said I can have that $20 I have here and when she gets her first cheque in April, which isn't lodge week, but I'll have enough time between then and now to get the $90. Anyway, we got off work at 8:30pm, those that did $240 get to go home with pay, which I did the $240. I was a bit po'd leaving because I thought I was off taps and I had my say to Will before I left but he said he only had 2000 numbers, so I can't really complain. And he asked me if I got my cheque and yes. So I felt better leaving and back doing Comedy Fest I guess tomorrow. He said I'm still a tap shooter, No problem there. CF isn't that bad of a campaign. Im thinking lodge nights to go in that Thursday morning have a nap and then go in. I was doing that before and Rob seemed to be okay with this.

Also, this evening, we had (Thur) Bill Clinton here giving a speach on American /Canadian relations. I was on the train as the attendees were just getting out of Rexall place. It was his first time here in Edmonotn.

Anyway, I did end up watching wrestling and enjoyed it. Anne made us a nice hamburger meal. I had a great time and also I have 6 pages to go, for Chapter 11. Like I said, if all goes well, I'll have Chapter 11 done by today and I'll start on Chapter 12 and get that done Saturday and I hope even get Chapter 13 done Sunday. Maybe even, have the type-ins done by the end of March. The 2nd rewrite including type-ins, April. Scene and pov breakdowns in May. Grammar done in June. Anyone that has been reading this blog for any length of time knows I suck at grammar but to me grammar is part of the editing process. But I should be in the polishing and finale edit in July. Test readers Aug/Sept. Agent cover leter in Oct. I'll nbe aggresively marketing the book in 2007. Like I've said before.


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