Saturday, March 04, 2006

Anyhow Anne made me
some chicken fingers and oven fries. Good stuff.

I had a slow start on the job pulling in $395. No credit cards. On my way through the parking lot behind First Edmonton Place, I decided to pop into Tim Hortons and get a Roll up the Rim to win coffee and a donut of some kind. They were without honey kruners and had a slim stock. Not even any chocolate elcalires. I got some kind of a donut and a double cup medium no creame or sugar decaffe and headed down the stairs to catch my train.

I knew there were xtra cars on the train tonight because of the Oiler game and the Oilers won tonight, 3-2 against SJ. They play Nashville on Sunday afternoon and that game is on tv.

I'm currently editing cutting and slashing and adding stuff to and away from Earth Tones. My goal this year is to have it ready by the end of the year. That means rewrite, editing, and cover letter. It goes out the door to agents Dec. 31st 2006 until I find one. If that doesn't get picked up then it goes out unsolicited. I'll keep marketing a book until an agent picks it up and I get picked up by the Bigs. I think having it ready by May This year is a little short sighted on my part. There is still a lot of work to do yet on it.

Anyhow, Anne is going to set my alarm for 8am, I'm going to get up do all my stuff and get ready to head into the job thing. Otherwise, this weekend I'm mostly going to work on ET and I might get a bit of LB done for tomorrow. If I can get 2 k done, so be it. Add the Oiler game Sunday afternoon and my writing, that should be about it. Not much going on. I'll Blog of course.

e. Jim

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