Tuesday, March 28, 2006

another nice looking
day out there. My favorite time of the year. There’s no windchill even though there is snow on the ground (melting) the winds are light and as soon as the snow melts I’m going to start getting out there and do some walking around, with my new camera and take some pictures. A good time to go would be Sat after work when Anne is out shopping.

Windows Vista is coming out soon. Mark said on his forum that it was formally codenamed Longhorn. I don’t know too much about this except that Microsoft has identified 5 different types of users rather then types of hardware. The thing I’m wondering is what about someone who’s computer needs cross over from one user type to another? I just don’t have enough information just yet.

It seems Longhorn/Vista was codenamed after a popular bar in Whistler BC and even though the bussiness application won’t be out until November 2006 the Home edition won’t be out until January next year. Lots of time to wait for that. And yes, this is supposed to be Microsofts newest Windows operating system. Usually they produce one every couple of years but Xp has been the staple over the last 5.5 years. Apparently it’s supposed to take advantage of 64bit operating system, has Internet explorer 7 and Mark said he’s excited about it because now he can finally use his graphics card for other then just games. Vista might also include some touch screen features and voice recognition.

It also seems I neeed Vista Ultimate and if we get another prosperity cheque in Sept, then I will hold onto it and use it for when the initial release is here. I have no idea what the list price is but I’d imagine it’s going to be the same price as an Xbox 360. I’d say around $500 depending on the package you buy. But there’s lots of time for that. The most immediate thing I want right now is more Ram for my computer. It’s not a big upgrade but $215 more or less (mol). I also want to get a new printer/scanner as well.

Anne headed out of here just before noon to so some banking and to inquire about my t4’s and to get herself some KFC, as her money from home came in. Tooney Tuesday. I requested a big crunch chcken something. If she’s downtown chances are she could be inquiring there. She can’t pick up my T4’s or anything like that but she can at least let me know if they are in and I can go down early and pick them up and apply at Pizza.

If she comes in with the good news that my T4’s are in today, then tomorrow I will go in at 1pm get my T4’s and pop over to Pizza. If Pizza hires me on the spot then chances are I can start Wen, Thur, Fri. But I’m quite sure I’ll have to go through the training, which I think is on the weekends. I hope training say starts 3pm Sat-7pm and same for Sun. That way I can (uss) just go right after work and pop in and do the 4 hrs (?) and return home. I don’t know how many trainig days there are. But I think there are 2. If so, then I could be working there Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri- and if I can get 11am-4pm, for now, then great. That’s 4 hrs and I can go right into my job and do the evening shift. If something’s got to give, it’s going to be Xentel. But it will be after the April weekend. That’s of course if I can get those hours but I doubt it.

Okay I got a bit ahead of myself here and I didn’t get any writing done, other then bloging. But I’m going to do a bit of preliminary work on the next scene. I just got a great idea for the pirate scene.


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