Thursday, March 02, 2006

Anne and I had
a talk about this and I’m really considering returning to work for the morning shift. I’m staying up way to late not getting to bed until 5am and even then it takes me half an hour to an hour to fall back to sleep on somedays.

Not just that but traveling time makes getting to work a lot easier since we moved offices and I can get my Tim Hortons coffee on the way home around 1pm if I need it. Morning Tim's is way to crowded.

I figure, if I say, go in say: Mon 5-9pm, Tues 9-1pm, Wed9-1pm, Thur9-1pm, Fri 9-1pm, Sat 10-2pm this will give me still 23.5hrs. And if I’m having a good day say on a Mon I can work the afternoon and that will still get me 27.5hrs/week or anyone of those afternoons. This will allow me to do several things: Firstly I can always have a power snooze from when Anne leaves at 3:45pm-5pm. Secondly it will allow me to have my evenings off. Third; I will be able to attend other Lodges. Most importantly it will give me the ability to have more time to write. Also, the playoff’s are starting soon and after missing them for a whole year, due to the CBA lockout, I’ll be able to enjoy watching the Olier games etc. Also, Anne will no longer need to worry about the other bus pass thing. Also, I can put a Mon or Friday afternoon. I’m also, thinking about working until say 3pm everyday so Anne can get the bus pass when I wander in at around 3:45pm. Rob isn’t going to be too happy about it but as long as I’m there Sat and or Friday nights, he’s okay with that.

Anyhow I ended up doing 1064 words on Lb for the day and tonight it’s lodge night.

If I’m going to make the change to mornings, it will be next week. Monday morning. It will be tough on me at first but it’s easier to get to this office even if I have to stand, it’s not that bad getting there. I can even take a bus if I need to. The #2 bus leaves out of there at 8am. So if I’m out there say at 7:30am up at 6:45 and that’s the time I should be taking my insulin. I can take the #2 bus right downtown. As long as I’m there by 8:40am. The lrt is still my best bet. If I’m feeling to tired I can always call in and do an evening shift. The more I think about this the better I like it. Just before when I was in the RAH recovering from my dieabetis I was doing mornings and adapting quite well. I only started the night shift immediately after that on July 8th. I was in there for almost 10 days enjoying a bit of a holiday. That was the only time I ever took a holiday from this job. What I like most about this proposed schedual is it will give me about 6hrs to myself where I can apply the time to write.

Anyway, it’s off to the lodge tonight. I’ll be calling Neil about 10 min. So that’s about all the bloging for today.

An update: I called Neil and he's not going to be able to make it in for tonight, so I will instead ellect to go to March madness "Super Saturday." Coming up on the weekend of March 11th and I will if I decided to do mornings again then I willl be attending almost every lodge night.


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