Thursday, March 02, 2006

After Lb,
my next novel project will be "Dark Intruder." DI was a short story, I wrote 10k long in the fall of 2003. It's the premise for this novel right after Lb. I didn't get much work on Lb yesterday. The writing is going slow. It's mainly that the ideas are tough to come by. Of course I'm working without a safety net of an outline. When I get to write "Dark Intruder" the novel I will have much more of an idea how to proceed, especially through the middle. Act 2 is the toughest but like in the story I didn't have any sub plots and I've got a few ideas for some of them in the DI novel. Also, I'm still working on rewriting "Earth Tones" as well. I wanted to have Chapter 9 done by this weekend but that isn't going to happen either.

Anyway, work on the job was slow going as well. We were working on the "Deaf Ice Hockey" campaign and when the numbers were slowing down we moved over to "Alberta Easter Seals." I ended up though getting a $30 credit card and a $100 sale as my last call for the night. That was a nice way to round out the evening. I had a total of a ho-hum $485. but I had a candy bar there because my bsl was going down and I took some time off the phone just after 8pm. Oh and I was talking with a nice old lady in Calgary. I was really getting tired of those $10 taps from DIH.

It was nice walking through the parking after work and since the Oilers were playing tonight the City would put more trains on the lrt. I got home about 9:30pm. I could have watched the Oiler game on TV but I was down memory lane there about an incident in my life back in 1980 where the DI story takes place.

Anyhow more on this later.


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