Sunday, February 12, 2006

yikes, what a day.
I got up on the late side today at 12:45pm and worked on some of Chapter 7. I had 33 pages to work on and I ended up doing a bit before the hockey game. The Oilers lost in the shootout but got a point out of the game and Ryan Smyth scoref his 27th goal. Two goals today. The game was over about 4:30pm. I took out the garbage and went for a walk and took my bsl reading. I was at 6.8 but that was at 5:10pm. So I worked on Underworld some more. Anne mae a great pot roast dinner but skimped on the gravy. She also made some Yorkshire pudding as well and roasted potatoes. That was a great dinner. I took another bsl reading at 9:35pm and I was at 9.6. I’ll do one more just before I retire to watch “Smith & Smith” and “Knight Rider.” all in all, I had a productive day.

I took 11 pages of rewrites and from 25 single spaced pages, and I have 9 remaining for Chapter7. Chapter 7 was a huge chapter with something like 8,596 words. That’s a lot of rewriting. I’m now at 650 points. Lots of fun. I hope to get Chapter 7 done in the next couple of days and maybe Chaptre 8 as well. I have 15 unmodified chapters in the initial draft but in the new draft I went and expanded the book to 20 chapters. Once the intial rewrite is completed and the first type-ins done, the 2nd and last rewrite will be a lot easier. I don’t think a simple ½ inch binder is going to work for me. This is good for short stories but I’ll need a large 2” binder for a novel.

Anyway, at the pace I’m going now, the first rewrite will be completed by the weekend of March 10th. The type-ns will take me the balance of March itself. What slowed me down was doing the intial edit. That took three weeks to do. I hope the 2nd rewrite and type-ins will take me the month of April. Then I’m going to use May for polishing and a finle edit and get the cover letter ready for June 1st.

I hope.


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