Sunday, February 19, 2006

Yes I
ended up with 6000+ words on the day. Not to shaby. Tomorrow I will attempt to put in 3k worth of words and because this weekend is a long weekend I hope to add another 3k on Monday as well but I will try and keep my 1000 word goal/day after the long weekend.

This week my work goal is to work Tues, Wed, Thur, 7hrs each day=21hrs and Fri 1-8:30pm =
6.5hrs for a total of 27.5. This will get me $75 bucks as I want to put some aside to save up for Margarete Fisks WIP bar program and I also would like to get some saved towards some tech toys etc. More importantly I'd like to save up for a Mac mini. I like their I life software. I also want to get one of those lcd monitors as well and another hard drive so I can back up all my data. Even more importantly I'd like to get into a work out routine but I should go see my doctor first.

Today after brunch I plan on going over to Future Shop to see what's wrong with my digital camera. Everytime I power it up it says change batteries but like I said about this before, those are new batteries.


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