Thursday, February 02, 2006

wow. I slept
right up until about 6:30am. I was in bed from 2:30 and fell asleep from just after 3am until 6:30am. So that’s a good 3.5hrs and I’m ready to go back to bed. I don’t know if I’m going out today for the camera. Most likely I will on Saturday. If all goes well and I might just get the camera and a new book. Audrey’s is good by where I work and all but the bigger sellection is at Chapters and I might just take a look around there at West Edmonotn Mall. It’s a long trip out there but not much else is going on that Saturday. I want to go out with Anne for a dinner and a movie so I think I’ll just spend $200 on the camera and get a couple of books and the office supplies, that I mentioned earlier and treat my wife out to dinner and a movie. We want to go to that Buffet World on Fort Road we pass by every day. Dave Sullivan at work says it’s pretty good and go to the dollar theater. There’s even an Oiler hockey game on Sat night so if we can go right after I get the camera say go for the supper hour and see the movie we could be in time for the hockey game, which usually starts about 8am.


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