Tuesday, February 07, 2006

wow, I had
an excellent evening at work pulling in I think top total at $1,235. Of course I think we had only 10 tap shooters. I was scoring $35 pledges left right and center. Coming home was nice. I met Anne at Clairview station as I was approaching the bus and she said how she’s going to go get us KFC. I like their chicken sandwiches. So, Anne came in about 10:30pm and I had that as my lunch for ronight. The Oilers lost tonight, their 2nd game back to back. They were pretty tired but it wasn;t like Hockey Night in Canada was making excuses for them on national TV type thing. Local TV was to a degree but that’s different.

Also, I worked on Underworld earlier for a bit. I haven’t decided the direction I want Chapter 10-11 to go yet. I’ve also been working on my website some more and toywing around with ideas with Markus back and fourth.

That’s all from here.


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