Saturday, February 11, 2006

I finaly came to an end of the first rewrite of Chapter 6 and I’ve got a heck of a job doing the type-ins when it comes down to doing them. That’s going to be “‘fun.” but I’ve got some pretty good stuff in the rewrite to add thaat ties up lose ends near the end of the story. Tomorrow I wll do Chapter 7 or at least make some good headway on it. There’s the Oiler game on at 2pm and I want to go out and get some of that nice mild air for February that we’ve never had in all the 28 years I’ve been here. I had just turned 27 when I decided to stay here in Edmonton.

I figure I can get Chaptre 7 done Sunday and this weekend. Chapter 8-9 possibly this week/end. But that’s a big maybe. I got high hopes there. I’m lucky if I can do 1 Chapter/week. Including the weekends. But these initial chapters are huge chapters. Chapter 7 itself is 33 pages. Way to long. I went and cut them down and now I have 20 chapters. That’s after the type ins. I figure if I can do one chapter/week including Chapter 7 I should have this thing done in 8 weeks. That could mean the first week in April. I can do all the type ins, in April. Then comes the 2nd drft. The second draft I can do in May probably including type- ins. I figure I’ll have a complete finished product by the end of June. Maybe. And this includes 2nd rewrite,edit,polish and cover letter to go out to agents.

Of course I’m not going to just sit on my laurels either. I’m going to be writing. I’ve got “Lodge brothers” and “The art of life.” I’m going to do this year as well and short stories to get out the door. Tomorrow I’m going to try and get “Crosshairs” out to “Tales Realm.” I also want to work on other stories as well that I have here and get them straitened up.

I haven’t heard anything yet from Antimuse as “Lift-off”
went out the door to them in Nov. If I don’t hear from them I’m going to withdraw my submission and get it out to someone else.

Because I lost all of those emails I had stories and diaries I’m going to have to set up my old W98 system and try and get those again into my system here to print off for later. But tht’s all for now.


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