Monday, February 06, 2006

What is it with cats and boxes?
I could never understand this. I mean is there some strange fascination with cats and boxes? Anne brought this home just after we came in from supper.
The white guy is Sporty and the stripe guy is
Sparky. Sparky is a real pistol. He goes after all the other cats, especially Silky and Pledges. We call them the babies as they are a year old but will be turning 2 this April.

Anyway, I did just under 500 words on Underworld but I finished the alternative opening to Chapter 1. Mostly all this weekend I've been writing and taking photo's with my new camera. I still got to write Chapter 10 and 11 yet to tighten it up a bit more. I watched 2 movies though and an Oiler hockey game Sat night. The Oilers won 3-1 over Vancouver and managed to break their 5 game at home losing streak. Then I watched "Ball of Fire" and this evening after supper a movie with Garry Cooper, "Lady and the cowboy. It was cute.

I'm up a bit early, or late depending on what to call it so, I'll have my insulin and oatmeal in about an hour or less and then go to bed. I'll be heading into work this afternoon at our usual time, but this week I need to go in early to make up for the Thursday I'm going to miss because Anne and I are going in to get our taxes done. Or at least try to.

Also, wrestling is on tonight. I never miss Monday night wrestling and hopefully I can get Chapter 10-11 done by the end of this week. Earlier tonight though, Anne and I went out to Buffet world, and well, it was over priced Anne thought the food was maybe a cut above hospital food but not by much. Also the place was drab and crowded and the men's bathroom terrible. Needles to say we wont be in that dump again. But at least I was able to take 2 outdoor shots. The camera has only 4 mega pixles but it's good enough for what I want it to do.

e. Jim
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