Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Well, it seems
I hadn't Bloged at all yesterday or even wrote in my diary. Busy online with Markus designing the new website. My bad. I did not even write in my diary yesterday. Also, I was working at Underworld so I think that might account for some of the missing time.

Anne and I went into work yesterday like we always do. Rob was a bit Po'd about me missing Monday. This means I'm not attending the lodge meeting this week but I will attend the FC at the emergent meeting. Most likely on the 16th. I almost got fired. But I'm here.

After work I went and caught a bus to Shoppers Drug mart and I got an order of test strips. Interesting because over the last 3 orders, the number to program into the glucometer has been 17. Three times in a row. I missed the last Abbotsfield bus so I had a nice workout walk home through the Superstore parking lot.

I still haven't spent any of the $400 from my resource check yet. I want to get a digital camera and that's still in the cards and I want to still save some to pay for my lodge dues at the emergent meeting. I'll probably shop for the camera this morning. We'll see.

Underworld goes well. I'm finding there are some major rewrites I need to do and I've been doing them as much as I need to Time wise that is.
So that's about all for this morning.


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