Tuesday, February 14, 2006

well, I rode into
work alone for my 2nd day now as Anne took another night off. Anyway, Rob was all playing the heavy tonight. Target line hours, threats etc. We even had a shortened break and the atmoshphere was boiler room fundraising. Rob sort of softened because we had nothing but small taps near the end. I ended up with $595 but I had a couple of credit cards totaling $45, so I covered my ass. And it wasn’t for the lack of effort on my part and I did a lot better then of of the others. If I don’t have my wage reduced or moved over to the cheap seats and I’m still there on the job at the same station, then Rob’s more of an idiot then I take him for. The reason why he’s playing the heavy today is because Bart is on his ass. Our Genreal manager.

JT was in good spirits though as he was the night manager even before Rob and we were joking around laughing at the whole thing. Rob’s a good guy though. Well, the big news for me tonight beside that nonsense, or today, was I began work on Lodge brothers Lb, tonight. I ended up with 1,075. Not too shabby. My goal is to get to 1,000 words/day. I hope to have the novel done at 10k/week, beginning Moday Feb 13th and ending April 15th. The book will be 90k in length.

Anyway, that was my night so far this evening.


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