Sunday, February 05, 2006

well I got up just after 7am going to sleep right after 3am. I was watching a movie called “Ball of Fire” 1941. It had some great shots of life in 1941 NY City and some slang I took down I can use in Underworld. I ended up pampering Anne a bit with her feet but everywhere I touched was painful for her. That ended up in bad feelings because I was rude to her. I took a bsl reading and I was 1t 11.7. Yeesh no wonder I was rude. We passed out on about 3am and I woke up just after 7. I’m still tired and grumpy but I’ll be heading back to bed soon.

Anyhow, I got myself a new digital camera and I post my first image to my blog from Picasa yesterday. Very interesting. Works great but the media card that comes with the camera can only hold about 6-8 pictures. I never did get to that writing but I managed to put something decent in there. I was able to successfully remove the images off the camera and I was happy
about that. I like this Powershot A520. Nice little camera. It can do video and voice over. I haven’t taken any outdoor dhots with it yet but I hope to do that today. I even took a few images of myself.


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