Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Well I got a rejection
from The 5th Di yesterday. Oh well, lets send it off to Keith at Astounding Tales and see if he can use it. So that may be the bad news for the day. I expect I'm going to get a lot more rejection slips before I get published.

Anyway at work, I had a rockin' evening. I ended up with $1,040 and 3 credit cards and I brought my camera down to take a couple of pics in the office. Some people have been saying that this Canon camera has slow shutter speeds and I've been finding this out the hard way. I may have to take it back for another model.

Also, the Oilers won tonight in a shootout against The Ducks. So despite the camera woes and the rejection letter, I had a great night. I'll be sending "Crosshairs" out to Astounding later today and also, I'll try and bring back the camera to Future shop as well.


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