Wednesday, February 01, 2006

well Anne and I went into work okay.
I had a slow first half doing only $75 but I ended up with $300 in the 2nd half and a few credit cards. A MC and Visa, total $85 all in all. Not to shabby. Also at work I came to a decision of sorts to take out a large section of Underworld. I wasn't quite comfortable with it anyway. This is a huge section. I need to remove Chapter 10 and 11.Practicablyy the whole middle part. I think the scanner and the camera would be excellent and especially the scanner. I had to manually copy the text in Works and paste it into another document. But I'mwafflingg on the scanner. There are 16,500 words but there are also some critical parts to the story as well and this takes out 68 pages. I need to also have to replace it with something equally exciting. I'll come up with something.


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