Wednesday, February 22, 2006

uggh, I just
got up half an hour ago. I couldn’t sleep due to what went down at the meeting yesterday afternoon in Robs office so I figure if I’m going to go over to Pizza I better try and get some sleep. An hour later, that sleep didn’t come and it was 4am.

So I fired up the computer and got into some writing. I think I got 535 words. To be exact. And I’ll get back to what I can from 1-2pm because I want to get out of here and fill out the application at Pizza this afternoon.

Anyway, I got into bed shortly after 5am and I got up every now and then to do a bathroom break, I remember getting up at about 10am and I slept from there until 12:30pm so I had ar least 7.5hrs sleep.

I probably won’t get down to Pizza today now because I need a couple of refrences from work. Mike and JT. Then I can go in tomorrow and get it all done. I might even go at 9am and get it all done and come back before Anne even wakes up and notices I'm gone.

Basically when Rob said, “I don’t bring much to this operation.” That’s like saying he doesn’t appreciate me there. Rob is an okay guy and I don’t mind working a few Saturdays and the big meeting was all about me missing Saturdays. I felt expendable. Well, everyone is expendable at work, even Bart. Bart is the General manager and Rob is the assistant manager that basically runs the whole show at the emplyee end. Bart does the back end business to charities etc and there is a lot of charities that go through this company that have 26 offices in the US and Canada and there is a hiarchy of which cities get the best charities. For example we did Cancer recover foundation last year for the first time and raised a ton of cash. Did we get the taps? Who got them? Head office in Calgary did.

The only thing I didn’t like about going in on Saturdays before at the old office was not just getting up and going into work in the morning since I became diabetic June 2004 but "that connecting bus" at Corona station to take me the half a mile or so to the office and that usually meant waiting outside. Now I could easily walk the distance but at 9:30am I'm barely half awake. There are no places to duck into while waiting for that bus in the winter if it's like -20 as it often gets during winter months. That was a bit of a pain. I’d have to wait there for like ten minutes and if the weather was cold it makes for a long wait. Also, I don’t like catching that stupid 1 horse lrt train on a Saturday morning. Half the time it’s full when I gte on at Clairview. It’s no better then a street trolly on the weekends but the #2 bus doesn’t leave until about 9:15am and doesn’t get to 106th and Jasper until about 9:55am. Saturdays are the only bad days but usually Saturdays are good days for me on the job wise. Also, if I work Sat and all my shifts, Rob will increase my pay and I’ll qualify for the bonuses I've been missing lately. If I get them. But all that could change overnight if I get hired on this week at Pizza: It’s an in-bound call center I can pick my own hours. It’s just a fresh start for me is all. My wife says though and I agree that I need at least 2 days off back to back.

Anyway, I don’t know how much LB I’m going to do this afternoon. I’m still currently working on Chapter 9 of Underworld. So I’ll post this and do some Bloging and see what happens.


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