Thursday, February 02, 2006

There I
Completed my writing goal for the day, which is 1000 words. I did a bit over to 1.063. I will try to get in at least 1000 words min as my target daily goal and at least 2000 on the weekends, so that's 9k. I'll try and round it off to 10k/week. So that's 520k/year. Not to shabby.

Tonight I've got to call Neil and send my regrets to the lodge tonight that I won't be able to attend but, I will be there for the 16th for the emergent meeting and to do the charge. I'm looking forward to that.

So, the groundhog saw his shadow today, which meant another 6 weeks of winter. It's a rather silly bit of Folklore not that it means anything for us with the whether we've been getting up here lately. Another 6 weeks of winter and it's sunny and +3 out there. This has been the warmest winter according to the whether girl last night here in the City since the last 45 years. Since 1961.

Also, our yearly amusement park/activity has got a new name. Instead of Klondike days, it's now called Capital X. I like K-Days better. But it's the exhibition, which most people call it the ex anyway. The City is also changing things around stepping it up a couple of notches.

So, tonight it's off to the job and I'll get my check. I still haven't spent any of my $400 prosperity check yet. I want to wait until Saturday, or maybe tomorrow. We'll see. anyhow, that's it for me for today, although I could pop back in here later. It's wrestling tonight.


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