Wednesday, February 15, 2006

lets do a bit more on Lb.
5:48am I seem to be off line right now. Anywhow, I did some more work on Lb and I did another 1,075 words today. That’s min btw. I could do even more this afternoon if I’m not online.

Anne is (?) going in to Canada Place to get her taxes done and I’m going in tomorrow to get mine done on my day off. I still have to go over the FC charge a bit and I’m not even sure I’m scheduled to do it so I have to call George tonight to see if he’s got someone planed for this. If not, I’m okay with the part now. 12:13pm I went back to bed shortly before 6am and I woke up around 9am because I had the runs and I climbed back into bed. Anne was still asleep but I heard her get up a bit later getting ready to leave. I past out again and woke up at noon. She said “don’t wake me up until 1pm.

So, I went to check on the news had some trouble with the tv remote selector and couldn’t get anycable. I knew my internet connection was down earlier. So I fred this pupy up and after the usual ten minute waite or so until everything was ready, I noticed the little Yellow triangle over a couple of monitors and the ! Sign. Indicating no connection. Wait now, no tv signal no internet conection, Feb 15th. Anne forgot to pay the cable bill. Now I can’t do anything until 1pm.
It’s not that I have anything to do, but I’d like to at least check on the weather.

The headbangers below have their stero cranked up. Good god I hopewe don’t have to put up with them for much longer. Maybe if we’re lucky wont have to worry about them and they’ll move out of here around the end of March. I don’t want to be putting up with that crap all summer.

Okay, I checked my browser and no connection. Anne forgot to pay the bill. So much for my lodge dues then. I can still pay for them March 1st. Anne might have to go over there and drop them off a check again.

Let’s see now, I already did my 1000 words today, and then some and no internet connection for this afternoon so that means I’ll be up and ready to get some Underworld rewriting done. So, that’s all for now.

2:33pm well, I got 5 pages of Underworld rewrites in and I did my 1000 words today. Not too shabby for a days work.

So Anne realizes what’s going on here with the cable. Bunch of scumbags over there at Shaw waiting for a $100 deposit from over a couple of years now. We already paid the bill or this month but until they get that deposit from us, we’re going to keep be playing this cut us off by the 15th of every month.

Also, the free income tax booth isn’t even set up yet and won’t be until March 6th. And Alberta Health Care has up until March 31st until the subsidy runs out. Then they can start deducting the $44 bucks off my check. Not even Revenu Canada is set up yet to dispense T4 records from their end so we’re bettre off waiting until friggin Xentel can send in my T4’s. Bastards and they have up until the end of Feb. There’s no way between March 6th and March 31st Revenue Canada Winnepeg will have my income tax processed in time and a letter of assesment for subsidy by March 31st. So, regardless AHC will still take their cut.

10:06pm I’ve been off line all day and I went to work feeling pretty good. No fall our from yesterday but we ended up doing a beat up OTH and the first half I barely had $115 but at least I was getting somewhere. Anyway, I ended up with $480 on this thing. I think I was one of the top 3. Not saying much because we had 7 tap shooters. We started out with 10 but bud and pat left early and Mike moved over to the front 20.

Anyway, that’s all for today. I’ll post what I’ve written since my first entery. That's all for Wednesday.


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