Monday, February 20, 2006

I think I’ve got
some good stuff to play with for Lb and I worked on it for the past hour and I’m going to go hard on it after I get some sleep but Anne and I are going to get this back rub done and out of the way first. I know I must sound like I'm repeating myself here.

So, tomorrow, I’m going to be watching wrestling and I’ve got a bag of nacho chips for the deal. After of course I do my writing. I want to get at least 3k in for today and that’s a big job. Mainly though I want to try and get some xtra hours in this week as well so when I want a night off, I can go to Rob and say, “I have lodge night such and such a night. I already made up for it.”

I want to go to Neil’s other lodge and maybe even join and it and go once a week to lodge. That’s what I’d like to do. I’d like to go say work Thursday afternoon, even to get my check and off for that evening. I’d like to keep my mother lodge going and hold a membership in Royal Arch and in Canadian rite. So that way I more or less get to go to lodge,once a week.Or at leawst have the option to go once a week. It'd be an ice night out for me.

Rob: “Well James you already put 21hrs in and you’ll be putting in Fri afternoon and evenings, which is 27.5hrs. That’s ok.” And still gives me weekends off and I get my paycheck every Thursday afternoon and go to lodge every Thursday night. Something like that would be ideal situation for me.

How does this affect my writing? Well, I usually get up early anyway around 6am. Write an hour and then when I get home, I can write from 9:30pm-11pm. That’s 3.5hrs and even after lunch at 11:30pm I stay up from about 11:30pm to 1am. That’s another 1.5hrs. Or five hours of writing. I like to do my blogging and rewriting from 1pm -2:30pm. Something like that. I figure even at the above hours, I can still go to lodge and have plenty of time left to write, rewrite and go to lodge and have a bit of coin left over. That’s all for now.



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