Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I pased out
just around 3am listening to George and missed his opening monolouge there on Coast at the 3am hr. Mostly talking about politics and stuff. Lots of brewhaha lately over this cartoon of the Prophet Mohamed. I’m not trying to sound politically correct here and I’m all for freedom of speech but one has to draw the line between freedom of speech and insulting somebody’s faith on an International level. This all came about of course due to a Dutch newspaper that placed a cartoon image of Mohamed, the Muslim God. I hope I used the term properly an not out of context. Anyway, it’s not okay to insult Islam anymore then it is okay to insult anyhone elses religion. However I can’t help but believe there was an ulterior motive for bringing up the cartoons what with Iran in the news and it’s nuclear program. The UN is about to vote to impose political and economic sanctions on Iran and I think the rioting and mass demonstrations are based upon that. I just hope calmer heads prevail.

I passed out at about 3am and slept until 5am and I got out of bed to feed the cats and took my insulin and I was back in bed by 5:30am. I was reading a bit from my digital camera manual and discovered a few features about the camera like the zoom and the flash on and off menu but, I ran out of battery. I also cleaned up a bit of Underworld and I’m about to watch a bit of the noon news hour before I go back to the computer. So I guess I had 2hrs +7hrs=9hrs but it didn’t feel like 9hrs.


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