Monday, February 13, 2006

I listened to a little
bit of Coast with Anne but she got into one of those "I can still hear the radio I got to be up early bla, bla, bla" moods, so I went to the old Walkman and replaced the batteries. I used the ones my digital camera that said replace batteries and put those in. They were new anyway and I listened until 3 am and had trouble falling back to sleep. So I must have got an hour and a half of sleep.

I’d love an off the shelf Mp3 player sd memory card with local AM radio. Oh sure there are lots of FM solutions but I seldom ever listen to FM. Before MP3 players came out, in the 1990’s all we had was the walkman and variations. They had am and fm of course but were tape driven.

My "dream machine" would be an all in one model, which would include am radio. Actually, it would include the recent satelite am/fm radio. It would also have TV, voice etc, (no pda) cell phone with a screen the size of a psp. My complete portable, gaming,radio solution. It’d especially be handy if I could have it wi fi capable with a mini keyboard built in and 5 pixel (min) digital camera. Kind of like the shape of a psp and the same size as a psp where I can play Everquest anywhere, play movies with different file formats kind of like my memory card reader.

Man am I dreaming.

sorry for the re edits.


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