Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I had to get
up as I had the runs (from last night yet) about 9am this morning and I tried going back to sleep but all I could get out of this for an hour and a half was to just lie there and vegitate. I think I had a strange dream but I couldn’t sleep so I got up about ten minutes ago to put the kettle on for coffee and to do a rare 10:30am bsl reading at 8.2. Relatively high, but right within range of the safe zone.

Right now I’m having my coffee and I feel pretty good. I’m not tired at all. I had 2.5hrs sleep from this morning and I slept from just before 6am to 9am so there’s 5.5 and a bit. So I feel pretty good. I could use a few more hours but right now, all I’m just going to do is lie there in bed. My left eye was watering up a bit and the cats were jumping all over the bed so I got up anyway.

I think I had a bit of last night in there as well, what with Rob not giving me my bank bonus (bb) for showing up Sat. I thik this is a real cheap shot because that’s based on performance not dependednt on weather I showed up on a Saturday or not. He’s playing games again. Anyway, I’m going to post this and do some other blogging. Maybe work on Underground a bit more while I have the extra hour.


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