Saturday, February 25, 2006

I had just about
4hrs sleep and I recall getting up to pee once and I fell asleep right away. Other then I could use another 3-4 hrs of sleep, I feel petty good. I’m a bit blurry eye’d as I’m munching away on my cereal. I haven’t had my first coffee of the day but I’m about to go to the ketle here right now. I just checked the weather and it’s -15c out there now. Cold.

I was watching a bit of Attack of the show ATOS last night and the host was at the New York toy and game expo. Some cool toys. I think the most popular toy when I was 10 years old in 1962 was the TV action adventure toys. There weren’t many choices for kids in the 1960’s. I think the biggest toy for me in 1962 was “Jungle-Jim” and marbles. Marbles were big in the 50’s and 60’s. By the mid 60’s I was a teenager and into comic books and science fiction. But mostly into the music scene. Dad was on strike a lot and we couldn’t afford much. By the time I was 12 I was mostly chasing after girls. My teenage years were from 1965-1971 and a good chunk of that was recovering from my back operation. In 1965 I was into comics, rock n’ roll like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Monkeys, Paul Reveer and the Raiders, etc. I dabled into comic books like Dr. Strange. By 1967 my mother noticed my back and I was out with my back operation from 1968-1969. I was in a body cast in 1969 going to school. But after the body cast still in 1969, Talk about a real freak. I discovered Avalon Hill board games in 1969 at Dave Galloway’s house. And in 1970 I was 17 and I got my first job at Burger Chef. In 1971, I was 18 and I got a chance to go to my first Rock n’ roll show with Alice Cooper. In 1972, I was 19 and I was chasing after Patty Renick and I discovered Strategy and Tactics magazine. Or S&T and even got a subscription. That’s about when I got the inclination to get into writing.

So basicly that’s a brief history of my teenage years. Here’s a rundown. 1965: Star Trek, music, comic books. 1966: same as 1966. 1967: Centenial celebrations. 1968: Back operation. 1969: Recovering from back operation. Science fiction, music, comic books. 1970: Patty Renick, young peoples group, burger Chef, wargames. 1971: Alice Cooper show, still after PR etc. And the beat goes on.

Anyhow, it's off to do the Saturday shift. I don't feel to bad. The wife is up vacuming. Pardon the typos. blogger specll check has some bugs in it.


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