Thursday, February 09, 2006

I had a great evening
on the job pulling in $965 and $70 bucks worth in credit cards. Am I covering my a$$ or what? The lrt ride was as usual and I got in just about 9:30pm and on the internet until Anne came home shortly before 11pm. Also tonight I figured out how this Geeklog works. 1.)Create Topic. 2.)Create story. A)Publishing options and use drop down menu to place story into Topic. Easy. Now I’d like to use the static page editor because it has some cool features. I emailed Markus about this a couple of hours ago, so I hope to find ansers or something about this in my email in the morning/early afternoon.

Also, for today I’m going to try and do more work on Chapter 10. I’m adding some more stuff into Chapter 11 (was Ch10) and Chapter 12 and hopefuly I’ll be able to complete Chapter 11 by the weekend and have some good parts to carry me over to Chapter 12. Then I can begin the rest of the rewrite and begin rewrite #2.

At least now I’m beginning to realize how GL works. I just wish that Drupal was this easy but I like GL better and I’m getting more help. I can’t say enough about the work Markus is doing for me. He’s got me a customer for life.

Well, that’s about all for now as I’m going to go to bed and grab a couple of hours of sleep after I blog this. If I’m up at 5 and feeling up to it, I’ll maybe put a couple of hours into writing Chapter 11. Maybe even finish it off before the weekend and finish off Chapter 12 as well. Wouldn’t that be great? Maybe I’ll even be on pace to do the first rewrite pass before the end of this month and do the type-ins for the first half of March. The the 2nd rewrite later half of March and the type-ins 1st part of April. 2nd Half of April I can do a finale edit and polish and get an agent cover letter out. If all goes well, then the first agent query will go out May 1st.


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