Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I got woken
up to the cats playing on the bed and I looked at the time. If it wasn't for that I would have still slept until much later then the 2.5hrs I got. But at least I have that much.

Anyway, I got Chapter7 completed and it's an important chapter. Today, I move onto Chapter8. If I'm lucky, I hope to have that done this week and Chapter9, at least completed by the weekend. Maybe. The big job with this work willl be the type-ins. But like I said, I wasted 2-3 weeks going over the initial edit, when that should be the 1st rewrite, so I'm about 3 weeks behind I reckon. I also have a hankering for working on Lodge brothers. I'm also understanding a bit more on conflict and how it can work on other levels.

Last night tried Anne to get out of here for me to work on my digital camera by taking it over to Future shop but when I got home to begin to deliver the bad news as she was on the computer about work, it was still there where I left it.

Just before close last night Will, the night manager takes me aside as I was closing on a sale, and says Rob pulled my bonuses because I wasn't there Sat. That sort of surprised me in a way but I kind of knew inside to expect a stunt like this. He's trying to get everyone there for Sat and I won't work sat and Anne doesn't want me to work Sat anyway. I mean unless theres say $30-50 bucks in it for me then I will but after that's in my hands, then if there's no bank bonus, forget it, I saty home Saturdays. But Anne. Is saying she doesn't want me to work Sat because quite often, and those of you that have been reading this for any length of time will observe, I don't often get a full sleep during the week. So Rob can shove his bonuses up his candy ass, sideways.

So after that I watched wrestling and worked on the last 4 pages of Chapter7, Underworld and met Anne in bed at 1:30am listned to a bit of Coast, good show last night. I past out about 2:30pm and woke up shortly about 5am. Sorry for any typos this morning.


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