Saturday, February 11, 2006

I got up just before 1pm.
I remember hearing Anne say something about going to Wallmart and she closed the door and she’s out there someplace. When I got up I noticed a bag of some stuff she had picked up, so she was out and come and gone but no batteries or paper but she’s probably out doing that now.

Man did I ever sleep good. I recall getting up really tired around 6am to feed the cats take a bsl reading, insulin and oatmeal. I went right back to bed but I had trouble falling asleep. I was tossing and turning all over the place trying to get comfortable. Finally I passed out. I think I had 3 hrs of good sleep and 5.5 hrs after that. But I’m ready to tackle the rest of Chapter 6 and I want to do that today and maybe go out for a walk this afternoon for half an hour but that’s just going to bring my bsl right down. Right now, it’s sitting at 6.9. I prefer it to be 5.5-8. Anything in there but last night after supper it was at 12.1! And when I took my bsl reading again at 6am I was only at 11.6. I needed to get some exercise when my bsl is extremely high like right after dinner so I can bring it down.

We’re supposed to have a couple of nice days this wekend and according to the weather channel, right now it’s +7 but it doesn’t feel like it because the jet streem is west of the city following the path of the mountains. Or the Province elbow and tomorrow we’re supposed to get up to +11!! Somethings going to give. The long range forcast is mentioning something like a -20 in there but that’s next weekend. But that changes as well.

Anyway, I replied to Markus’s email from this morning so hopefully he will answer back. Now, I want to do some blogging and then off to Chapter 6


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