Thursday, February 02, 2006

I added a
"what's my blog worth" applet. It's worth $564.54. Hehehe. Holly Leslie's is worth something like $55k! Kind of a cute little tool.

Anyway I got a lot of work ahead of me with Chapter 10 & 11 to cut. I'm not sure what direction I want to go here.

Also at work they are implementing the bank bonus structure again and the results will be posted every Wednesday. For example if it was implemented this week and I would be here for all my shifts, then I would have made something like $42 buck bank bonus on the week. My bank is comfortably high. But, I've got to let Rob know, that I'll be taking at least 2 Thur off a month but I'll make up for the missing time during the week I take off. This way when I join the Royal Arch later this year, I'll be either at my mother lodge or in an emergent meeting or at the RA lodge, or both.

Also, this week or next I'm going to dig up Margarette Fisk's address and let her know I'll be sending her a western Union m/o for the WIP program. It's only $10 bucks. I also know, tomorrow I want to get the digital camera. But do I want to get the scanner and camera or the camera and Works suite 8? Works suite 8 has MS Word 2002 for how many times I'm going to use a scanner. I just might spend $200 on the camera and use the rest to buy something else. I need office supplies.


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