Friday, February 24, 2006

an end of an
era coming up soon. Edmonton’s Sidetrack café, is moving from it’s rail town location since Feb 15th 1981. Over 25 years to make room for some friggin condos. I think I was there once but still things are changing all around the city. The train bridge across Jasper Ave before 109th street was removed in 1992. The Rat Hole as we used to call it gone. The rat hole was a crude tunnel built around 1927 or so and was disbanded in 1995. Now the Sidetrack cafe. I recall I was with Theresa when the place opened up. I would have been 29.

Anyhow, I got my cheque last night and I ended up with an extra 2 hrs, which is okay. I had a great total as well, $743, which is way above line hour. Also, one of the kids at work on the train came up to me with ipod in his ear and asked me how much I wrote this evening. I had a nice chat. I had my player out as well and I asked him about his Ipod geadphones and he said he had bought them at Shoppers Drug mart for $10 bucks. I asked if I could unsert them in my player and what a diffrence. So tonight I’m going to ask the brand name and see if they have any left. If they do for $10 bucks, then I’ll go in after work. If not then I’ll pick up some test strips so it won’t be a total loss.

I ended up with 816 words on the day. I probably could have done more At least to 1000 but I did as much as I could. Right now, I’m sitting at 13,183. I’m going to shoot for a Sat midnight closing rate of 15k and a bit. Things are going good. I’m getting some good things although they are slightly disjointed, I can tie them all together when the book us done. No back rub tonight so I’m going to work for an hour and go to bed.

I couldn’t sleep from 2am til about 3am so I got up watched some TV and about 4:30 after I fed the cats and took my insulin I went to bed and except for getting up once, I feel pretty good.
I even got me a few good ideas for Lb and even though thses are mostly disjointed scenes and rough ideas, I can sort them all out later when I revise the story. So, this is all for now. Today it’s just going to be writing maybe anser some of my email and surf for awhile before I start around 1pm. Then off to work at 4pm and then I’m off early and home. I’m going to go for 2000 words today, and 3,000 words tomorrow.


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