Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the cats
were bugging me about 5:45am and we were in bed and asleep by 2am easy aftr listening to Coast. Anne wanted to stay up to listen to Ghost stories but I don’t like that crap. I elected to go out and watch Adam-12 but she convinced me to shut it off and I did and went right to sleep. I think I got up to pee once around 4am but back to sleep and slept good until the cats came in to wake me, like I said 5:45 or so. I think I got 3 hrs. If that.

About 11:20pm I returned back to Lb and did a bit more work on that. I got 583 words and I’m into Chapter 4. When I get up in a few hours, I’ll begin again. My goal today is 2,000 words and they are not going to all come at once. I’ll get some done when I get up at noon and work until 2pm. Then I’ll break for a bit get ready for work and when I come home I can work on the rest. Every Saturday, I’ll be adjusting the WIP bar for all my work.

So I’m going to save and post this and head back to bed.


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