Sunday, February 19, 2006

Another day.
I don’t know how many words I accomplished getting done yesterday. I’d say at least 2000 words on the day.
Just for fun:
If I can do 3k today and 3k Monday what with the hours I’d like to work and all, I’ll probably get roughly 4k done between Tuesday and Friday. That’s still 1k of words/day. I can get away with 500 and work the rest in on Sat. That means I’ll have to work extra on Sat and I’m okay with this but I want to work with markus on my website as well. Hopefully I might even accomplish 12k by the 25th. I think on the weekends 3k/day isn’t that unreasonable. So this means 13k for the week. And 13k/week/90k is 7 weeks. Even if I can do 1500k/day. Lets see what that’s like, 15k/week. But I don’t want to push my self. I don’t mind 1500k/day is fine. Even 2k is fine as well. So (uss) I can say do, 2500 words Sun, 2000Mon, 2000Tues, 2000Wed, 2000Thur, 2000Fri, 2500Sat. That’s 15.000k/week/90,000 words = 6 weeks.
Theoretically at that pace I should be able to do one novel in 6 weeks. At this rate I should be able to do 9 novels/year. However, I think lets see. 6 weeks =1 draft. 1month =1rewrite. 1 month = one edit, polish and a going over. More accurately: 6 weeks=first draft. One month/2weeks. 1st rewrite=1month. Type-ins=2weeks. So, one novel every four months. I need the extra month to proof read and edit. I might be able to write 9/novles in a year but I’d only get done 3 novels/year. Still if I can get to live until I’m 80 and still be able to wrote, then that’s another 25years. Now if I can write 9 novels in a year multiply by 25= 225 novles.Wow! Even at 3 novels/year, that’s still 60 novels. Or 60/165. Not including short stories and non fiction books I want to publish.

Also, that’s just at the current mode. What about if I can retire? What if I get published and get that break out novel or win the lottery, or what ever. If I won the lottery this week, I’d retire and write full time. I’d do 4k/day. That’s 28k/week. That’s 1, 456, 000 words/year. Over 25 years that’d be 36,400,000 words. That’d be something like 405 books at 90k each. LOL!!


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