Thursday, February 16, 2006

after Anne’s time,
about 1:30am we lay in bed. I had Coast on listening to “Underground bases.” Good program but by 2am I shut it off and went out to watch Adam-12 and back to bed but Anne’s hamsters were in the bedroom chewing on some cord or something. I couldn’t sleep so I got up and did my Internet stuff and most importantly, more work on Lb. I put my 1k worth of Lb work in for today as I changed the WIP bar and I plan on updating that by the end of each week. Most likely Sunday nights.

So, I finally managed to take my insulin and I went to bed just before 5am. I would have slept longer then 5am if it wasn’t for Anne’s alarm clock going off at 10:45am. So I locked the bedroom door when she left but there wee cats left behind inside scratching and clawing at things. I got one out when I heard the other one in the bedroom. Just as I tried to get that one out, the fire alarm went off. It’s those friggin kids down the end of the building in one of the corner suites. That was being set off over the last hour. They’re probably home because of the cold snap were under and their deadbeat parents are probably drinking, having no control over their children. I got the headbangers downstairs and the fire kids down the hall. There they go again. They play this dash and grab thing. I think the caretakers are on to it.

Anyway, I’m off today and hopefully Neil will be heading into the lodge tonight as I think we have a FC night tonight. So, I’d like to be there. I’m also going to wear my coat in as well. I mainky want to go in, so I can pay my lodge dues and do the part in the lodge. That’s what I wanted to do when I signed on.

Also, this afternoon while Anne is off and out paying bills and such, I want to do more work on Chapter 8 of Underworld. I don’t know about changing the WIP bar too much on that one because this is still the 1st rewrite.

The big story of the week besides this being Valintines week, here at lest is the weather. On the way home last night with the windchill it was -33* Without a windchill its -25* at the moment. So we’ve had 2 says of daytime -20+ this winter season. That’s from the first day of winter to the last day. “Officially” the first day of winter is Dec 21st and the last day of winter is March 20th. But we’re here in Alberta and to me the first day of real winter is November 1st. Technically we stay have 33 days of winter and anything can happen here in Alberta.
Okay, Anne just came in and when she went to the Superstore just before closing around 9:45pm there were a few emergency vehicles out there in the parking lot. When she came in just now she said there was a man checking the alarms in the hallway. Sorry friggin kids but you can only cry wolf for just so often.

Anyway, all is quiet on the Clairview front. Now I can tackle that rewrit of Underworld and on the weekend I’ll be fooling around with more website stuff as well. The beat goes on.


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