Thursday, February 23, 2006

4:13am Yeesh.
Now I'm wide awake, can't sleep worth a damn. I hate nights like this and if this is going to be a Sat, it's going to wipe me out for the whole weekend.

I took a bsl reading and I'm sitting at 7.6, which is comfortable. Well, a couple of nice things about putting in a full work week are, 1.) I get to work towards getting on the Company medical and that means, I can get my insulin and other diabetic supplies at a reduced rate. Also, I can maybe this time next year get all my uppers pulled and get dentures as well as get a pair of glasses. Now this is a pretty good idea. 2.) I can qualify for more bonuses and anytime I pull in aroud $2500-3000 I get about $24-30/week. I haven't seen the bank report this week, but I think Pat has and it looks like I banked $1700 and chaEssentiallyually it means I qill get a higher hourly rate. $10 hr sounds about right but I'll need to put an afternoon in as well. Or 27.5hrs.

Now 27.5hrsX $10/hr is $275. Add 3% onto that. So that's $283.25. Now if say I get a $20 bonus on top of that, that's $303.25. Of course after taxes $263. That's if I get a bank bonus. Assuming my base rate of pay is $263, that's like just over $1000 month and that isn't too tough to take. Even then Anne gets the first $130, that gives me $130. I'd give her $160 and I'll keep $100/week (uss) or $400/month.

12:54pm well, maybe I got 5hrs of sleep and I don't know how this Sat business is going to work out. I did get a refrence from Mike last night and I need one from JT and another one possibly from Greg. But I want home phone numbers and that;s why I'm going in on this Sat. No doubt though Pizza will pay me $8 but it's a fresh start, and in-bound call center and they are not going away anytime soon, and In the interview, I will stress no Sat. I will put in 7hr shifts, Tues-Fri. That's 28hrs and possibly a few more. And based upon my experience I will no doubt get at least $8-$9hr and every weekened will be a 3 day weekend. I'll probably lose my stat pay, but we'll see.

So there could very well be a change coming up this next little while where I'll be working. And as much as i've been where I am for the last several years, I'm tired of carrying the night crew with my totals. The trouble is most of the night crew except the new people and even some of them, work all 3 shifts and they're wiped out by 8pm. Pat and I are the only 2 that are fresh but Pat quite often leaves about 8pm and Don not far ahead of him.

Anyway, I got some writing I want to do right now as I have wrestling tonight. Sorry for any typo's today. I'm wiped out myself.


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