Wednesday, December 28, 2005

yup I’m up again. Sigh. That’s okay, I have a couple of hours to myself and do some Internet work and maybe see what I can come up with at the moment for Lodge brothers.

Oh, when I was downtown at Audrey’s books in the basement looking for Holly Leslie and all they had was her Dancing with Wolves book. I’m sure it’s pretty good and all but I wasn’t in the mood for a long series or anything like that and that was the only book of hers on the shelf. I was looking for something more recent. I left empty handed but caught my bus into work and was there at 4:45pm. I got my cans and stuff and couldn’t help noticing how short staffed we were. We were doing ADD taps and I had a slow start but ended up with $810 I think according to Greg. Also, we were let out earlier, which was okay by me but I still didn’t get home any earlier and met Anne outside of the apartment building as she was coming in as well. I had a bit of “lunch” and watched the news, did some Internet stuff and spent some time with my wife for half an hour.

I tried to listen to Coast, which was a pretty good program with Dr. Paul LaViolette. I listened to that for awhile dozing in and out of sleep but I got nothing for that effort. It was, from what I heard a decent show tonight.

One thing I want to get this year is a digital camera so I can start posting images to my blog. My website is still pretty crude but at least I’ve got something going. I think. The website can be accessed from the links in the sidebar.

I think what I’m going to do while I still have the toner is to get a copy of Ace Valorous #1, AV#2, and Rouge behavior onto hard copy and start editing them. I still haven’t given up on CH just yet but my cat made a big mess for me spilling all my papers and story folders, including CH. Now I’ve got to go through that mess. It’s not much but there’s enough where I don’t want to do it right now.

More later


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